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Inc., Loreen, Arrow Films Int'l, Artists' Colony, The, Ascato Television, Inc., Associated Producers Group, Inc., Associated Television Int'l, Asylum, The, Atelier Pictures, Atlantic Streamline, Atmosphere Entertainment Inc., Attract Media, Aurora Productions, Automatic Pictures, Inc., Avenue Pictures, Aviator Films, Axelrod/Widdoes Productions, Axelson-Weintraub Productions, Axial Entertainment, Badham Co., The, Barnholtz Entertainment, Baruch Entertainment, Batfilm Prods., Inc., Bauman Productions, Suzanne, Beach House Ent., Bender-Spink, Benedetti Productions, Inc., Robert, Big Bang Films, Big Event Pictures, Bigel/Mailer Films, Blue Bay Productions, Blue Heron Films, Blue Rider Pictures, Blue Tulip Productions, Blumford Enterprises, Boardwalk Ent./Alan Wagner Prods., Inc., Bodega Bay Prods., Inc., Bottom Line Studio, Inc., Boyman Productions, Inc., Boz Productions, Brandman Productions, Brandt Company, Braubach Productions, Braun Entertainment Group, Inc., Braverman Productions, Bristol Cities, Brookwell McNamara Entertainment, Brown Group, BThree Films, Bryan Films, James, Bunim-Murray Productions, Inc., Burrud Productions, Canal+ (U.S.), Cannon & Associates, Reuben, Capital Arts Entertainment, Carascope Productions Inc., Caribou Pictures, Carliner Prods., Carlton Int'l Media, Carlyle Prods. & Mgmt., Carreras Productions, Carson-Fisher Entertainment, Cecchi Gori Group, Channel Productions, Chanticleer Films, Chase Prods., Stanley, Chestnut Hill Prods., Chicagofilms, CLC, Cine Excel Entertainment, CineCity Pictures, Cinema Seven Prods., CinePoint Productions, Inc., Cineville International Inc., Cinewest Productions, Cinnamon Prods. 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